App for Bikers that can save lives

Do you use an app while riding a motorcycle?

Apps for motorcyclists

Personally, we know motards who firmly say “No” to app and technology in general. Part of the authentic driving disappears by using GPS or apps. We can certainly empathize with their thought process and we respect that opinion.

However, we think safety is the most important and we are convinced that you can enjoy your rides just as much with apps or GPS. You may be able to enjoy it even more, because you don’t have to worry about specific things (such as which exit should I take?)

As a motorcyclist, you have several apps that can make your rides more enjoyable and safer. The most well-known is of course a GPS. But in addition to a GPS, there are other apps that are very useful when you are on the road. The Liberty Rider App is in our opinion the most complete and best app for motards.

What is the Liberty Rider App?

The Liberty Rider app is an application that provides motorcyclists with the latest relevant information tailored to motards. This includes directions, motorcycle and safety tips, points of interest, events and important info for the motorcycle community.

If you have a Liberty Rider app for your phone, you can share information about the best routes and the best places to eat or rest while on the road. So this app is very useful if you travel with your motorcycle, but it will also provide you with a lot of value for shorter trips.

The main function of the Liberty Rider App

The Liberty Rider App is available for free for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Just search for Liberty Rider in iTunes and Google Play.

There is also a premium version. We think it is excellent.

The extra features you get with the premium version are:

  • No ads;
  • fall detection
  • Positioning
  • Alert service

Why would an app be so useful … and even indispensable?

As mentioned before, safety comes first for us. How does this app improve your safety when you are on the road?


Thanks to the fall detection, the app knows if something goes wrong. If you are involved in an accident, or even get off the road all by yourself. Then the app knows that something is wrong. The app will then work independently and proactively. The Liberty Rider app will send you an alert to make sure everything is OK.

If you don’t respond to that warning, it moves on to the next stage. That is, he informs the emergency services. Because he knows you fell and you’re not responding, so chances are you’re hurt or injured.

The emergency services are notified and automatically receive your location. So they know that something went wrong, they know with whom and they know where… All emergency data is passed on. This includes your exact location, first aid instructions, etc

In our view, it is a must-have for all motards. Especially if you like to go out alone, it offers many advantages. It is not only a reassurance for you as a motorcyclist. Your immediate environment, your loved ones and your family will also feel a lot more relaxed when you go out alone.

If you want to know more about the app, click here. The premium app is also free for all motorcyclists who take out insurance through Motorverzekering Keerman. This way we make motorcycling a lot safer for everyone.

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