Is motorcycling dangerous?

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car, everyone agrees on that. You are more vulnerable, you do not have a crumple zone that can protect you in an accident and you are also less visible to other road users. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can control to make motorcycling a lot less dangerous.

The facts about the danger of motorcycling

SWOV (Stichting Scientific Research on Road Safety) has conducted research into the road safety of motorcyclists in traffic. This research shows that motorcycling can indeed be dangerous. Data from 2010 to 2014 have shown that a motorcyclist is about 30 times more likely to die in traffic than someone who drives a car for every distance traveled. 98% of the crashed motorcyclists were male and about 40% of the crashes were one-sided. A unilateral accident is an accident in which no other road users were involved.

What is also striking is that the condition of the roads and of the engine only plays an important role in a small proportion of motorcycle accidents. Speed ​​is a major factor in motorcycle accidents, in addition, visibility and conspicuity often play a role. When the contrast of the motorcyclist with the environment is missing, this makes the motorcyclist a lot less visible.

Causes of motorcycle accidents at a glance

  • The motorcyclist is not sufficiently visible
  • Novice motorcyclists who lose control (due to dangerous driving)
  • Driving faster than allowed: longer braking distance, less reaction time and greater impact
  • Weld seams in the road surface during temperature fluctuations
  • Engines that are not in order

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How do you make motorcycling safer?

Turn on your lights!

On most motorcycles, the lights are always on by default. Is this not the case with your engine? Then make it automatic to turn on your lights when you drive. By driving with the lights on, you simply stand out more for other road users. Besides, there’s no downside to driving with your lights on, right?


In addition to the light that comes from the lamps of your motorcycle, you can also ensure that you provide more light yourself. Some reflective details on your motorcycle gear do a lot to make you stand out more. Do you really want to make sure that people can hardly miss you? Then the yellow vest with reflective parts is an option. Not pretty, but safe.

Motorcycle clothing and motorcycle helmet

Naturally, motorcycle clothing and a motorcycle helmet provide protection in the event of an accident, they can significantly reduce or prevent injuries. Not every motorcycle gear offers the same level of protection: leather offers better protection due to a higher wear resistance and textiles are more resistant to bad weather conditions. Make sure that your motorcycle clothing has at least a CE mark.

The same applies to motorcycle helmets: a budget helmet does not offer as much protection as a high-end helmet from an A-brand. Don’t be too frugal when choosing a helmet. We have reviewed the HJC RPHA-11, a good helmet for a reasonable price.

If you ever go down, you’ll be glad you paid those few hundred euros extra afterwards. When your helmet has made contact with the asphalt, it is written off. Normally a polycarbonate helmet lasts up to 5 years, a fiberglass helmet up to 8 years.

Watch your speed

Almost every motorcyclist likes to go a little faster than the allowed speed limit. But we also all know that your visibility to other road users decreases significantly if you drive too fast. So choose the right places to open the throttle a bit further. In addition, make sure you stay out of the blind spot of motorists and keep left in the lane.

Make sure your engine is in order

A motorcycle does not have an APK inspection. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are on the road with a safe machine. So have the maintenance of your engine carried out on time. In addition, you can regularly check your tire pressure, chain tension, oil level and coolant.

And always pay attention:

  • Animals crossing
  • Gravel or sand in the bend
  • Oil on the road
  • Objects on the road
  • Tram rails and manhole covers

Want to learn more about motorcycle safety?

Go to this blog and read about safety, protection, and insurance for bikers.

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